пятница, 24 июня 2016 г.

Ещё немного Zooplus

В последний день я взял у ребят ещё пару задач, но сложную решить не успел. Надо будет попробовать дома.

A building has 16 rooms, arranged in a 4 x 4 grid. There is a door between every pair of adjacent rooms (no diagonals). Only the room in the northeast corner has an exit door. There is one person in each room. The person in the southwest corner is a psycho killer. If he enters a room where there is another person, he immediately kills that person, but he also cannot stand the site of blood, so he will not enter any room where there is a dead person. As it happened the psycho killer managed to get out of the building after killing all other 15 people.
What path did he take?
Let's play a game - said the Master to 7 tiny bears. - I have a lot of hats in 7 different colors and I'll put one of them on each of your heads. You see each other's hats, but not your own. Then, at the same time you have to shout the color of your hat. If none of you is right, then I'll kill you all. Prepare for the game. You have 5 minutes and we start!
Tiny bears managed to come up with the right strategy and they were saved. Are you as smart as them?

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